how we do it


Over 25 years experience across all media.

Personal Service

We provide an unrivalled hands on service – ‘what you see is what you get’. We don’t just wheel out the “1st Eleven” for initial meetings after which you never see them again – unless there’s a problem, and there are no trainees to learn their skills at your expense.


Access to state of the art planning resource enables us to establish target markets and catchment areas for our clients so that the advertising we place reaches the right people.


With experience comes confidence. We’re not afraid to question a brief or to say ‘no’. We won’t however leave it at that and will always have a viable alternative view.


Our unique set up means that we mainly attract business owners or senior management as Clients. When we meet you, our conversations will be mostly business based rather than purely about media. Media is after all a specialist function of advertising which is a specialist function of marketing. This gives us an insight into your business to enable us to fully understand your business needs. We then develop a genuine interest in your business and how to grow it. If you’re successful, then so are we!


We cut our media teeth in the days before computers planned media. We therefore have a passion for media having learnt about it the hard way. We also understand what all the numbers mean.

We're not totally reliant on technology to do our job for us - we merely use it to enhance our existing knowledge base.

Quality thinking - driven by passion.

Small Acorns!

No budget is too small. Our view is that we want to be a part of our clients’ success. We understand that especially for new advertisers, even a small media budget will be a huge risk. Therefore we take the view that we make that budget work harder and that if it is successful it may well bear more fruit downline.

how we work best

  • Close contact and involvement with our clients - a natural extension to their marketing team
  • Getting behind their business objectives to identify the appropriate outcome
  • Producing the plan
  • Executing the plan
  • Reviewing and refining as a team